Saturday, June 30, 2007

Random Thoughts to End the Month

While on vacation, we were able to visit one of my former roommates from Oklahoma Christian University, Doug Pospisil. He and his wife, Christa, have a new son, Zachary. We had not seen Doug since our wedding. It was the part of my vacation that I had looked forward to with the most anticipation and the part that I enjoyed the most. We really need to get down to Fort Worth more often.

I think that Janet most enjoyed being able to swim during our vacation (Although one of our hotels had the Sci-Fi Channel, which ran Stargate SG-1 throughout the week. We are big fans of the show, and it helped to have something good to watch while Christopher and I came down with bad colds during that week).

Christopher enjoyed a small amusement park for smaller children. He rode his first roller coaster, drove his first go-cart, rode with me in a little boat with a water gun which we used to spray Mommy, and played video games. He also liked going to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman, because of the dinosaur bones. It reminded him of the movie A Night at the Museum.

Congratulations to Jason and Erin Carley on the adoption of their son from Vietnam, Loston Carley. I know that they will be great parents.

I have not seen the movie Evan Almighty, but I like one of the ideas that came from the movie. At, people are encouraged to commit "acts of random kindness" (ark). You can sign up to receive e-mails that give ideas about how to perform acts of random kindness. I am reminded that "God's kindness leads you toward repentance" (Romans 2:4, NIV), and often that kindness is demonstrated through God's people.

Focus on the Family has a web site with the best movie reviews. You can find the review of Evan Almighty at

The Jenks Church (with the help of the River Oaks Christian Church) had a great Vacation Bible School this week. Christopher attended every night, and absolutely loved it. We are glad that he enjoys going to church so much. (By the way, sometimes I mention that the Jenks Church is our former congregation. We continue to attend, and even teach, on Wednesday nights since the Contact Church does not meet then. We "left" the Jenks Church a few years ago when the early service was eliminated. Until then, we were able to attend both the Jenks and Contact Churches every Sunday.)

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