Thursday, November 01, 2007

National Adoption Month 2007

"Rescue the perishing;
don't hesitate to step in and help.
If you say, 'Hey, that's none of my business,'
will that get you off the hook?
Someone is watching you closely, you know---
Someone not impressed with weak excuses" (Proverbs 24:11-12, The Message).

Since this is National Adoption Month in the USA, I hope to be able to link to several articles with adoption themes during November. I'm sure it is no secret that I love being an adoptive father, and that I would love for others to enjoy such a blessing, too.

In this week's edition of World Magazine, Clint Rainey has written an excellent article about several families in central Texas who have adopted orphans from around the world. His article is titled, "Twelve is not Enough." It may be read at

I was especially impressed with members of the Church of Christ in Hearne, Texas, who adopted several Ethiopian orphans when others turned away from helping those children in need. The members of that church have honored Christ in their faith, attitudes, and actions.


flyawaynet said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile now (you're in my google reader) and you've mentioned adoption several times. It's none of my beeswax but, have you adopted a child yourself?
I'm a foster parent from Texas, and I just thought if you had a heart for this particular ministry, but haven't adopted (or maybe not ready to adopt a 2nd child) you might be interested in fostering. There are many ways to minister to these kids without necessarily adopting if you aren't wanting to take that step just yet (or ever). From Foster parenting, volunteering at your local CPS agency to transport kids to visits and such, or being a CASA volunteer

If this is where your heart is, there are lots of ways to really get in deep and fulfill a ministry/purpose God has laid on your heart.

Terry said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Flyawaynet. Yes, my wife and I have adopted our son. We have had him since birth. That's probably why I mention adoption so often. I appreciate your comments.