Monday, December 17, 2007

Panthers for Christ

Sometimes I like to quote from Ron Babbit's newsletter to supporters of his ministry. Ron is one of our ministers in the Contact Church of Christ. He and our other ministers receive support from other Christians and congregations in order to serve the Contact Church, a ministry to the urban poor in Tulsa. (Thanks to everyone who supports the urban ministry!)

In his recent newsletter, he wrote about Panthers for Christ, a club that the Contact Church started at Clinton Middle School. He said,

"Panthers for CHRIST continues to grow. Panthers for CHRIST is GOD'S challenge for us to go to a Middle School and love some clowns and darlins. Recently this school was an at risk school---low grades, whatever it takes to be placed on that list. But, Good News! The Clinton Middle School is no longer on the at risk list! Recently, Panthers for CHRIST was complimented by the Clinton Middle School Principal, Mr. A. He wrote a letter to the Tulsa Public School Superintendent stating that one of the reasons Clinton Middle is off the at risk list is because of the largest organization in the school---Panthers for CHRIST! We continue showing up with healthy donuts purchased by a godly brother who believes in serving and loving others. The challenges come when some bad clowns show up and are ready to 'dance' (translated---let's start a fight). My constant prayer is that I don't knock one of them naked! I'm not ready to do prison ministry! GOD is great!"

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