Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Infanticide and Politics (Part 2)

I read an interesting article today in USA Today (which can be accessed at http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/2008-09-22-infanticide_N.htm?csp=34). The article focuses on the practice of infanticide among Indians in Brazil and the efforts of Christians to stop the murders. While the Christians receive criticism, they continue their efforts to protect those children.

I have a few observations about the story.

1. Christians have a long history of rescuing children who have been left to die. The tradition dates back to the early days of Christianity in the ancient Roman Empire.

2. Love compels Christians to care for the children who have been left to die. We cannot ignore such sins when we know about them, and we certainly can't justify them. We must act.

3. It is not racist to save the disabled children of Indians. It is anything but racist.

4. Despite what others write, it's okay to oppose sin within one's culture. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have read Christian leaders cautioning their followers against being known for opposing sin. They warn us not to speak against abortion, homosexuality, and other culturally popular sins, because it presumably hinders church growth. Nonsense. If we oppose sin because it hurts people...and if we offer forgiveness and a new start to life through Christ...we are not harming the cause of Christ. We are being faithful and loving. We are honoring our Savior.

5. Good works will be opposed. We will make enemies. Opposing infanticide and caring for abandoned children seems like a no-brainer. It seems like it should receive no opposition. However, obviously some people favor infanticide. Our job is not to please our opponents. Our job is to continue to do the most good we can despite their opposition.

Thanks for reading! And please don't let anyone intimidate you into apathy and inaction when you are motivated by love for God and people.


Anonymous said...

"Please don't let anyone intimidate you into apathy and inaction when you are motivated by love for God and people."

Terry, that is a great quote, brother.

God bless :)


Terry said...

Thanks, Wes. I am glad you found my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog ever since your first comment on mine.