Thursday, June 25, 2009

Choosing Life

Today we received a newsletter from Christian Services of Oklahoma ( Since the people at Christian Services were so helpful during our adoption process, it has become one of our favorite ministries. Here is an excerpt from the most recent newsletter:

"We received a phone call one day from a Christian professor who had a student, Emily, who was considering aborting her unborn child. When she told him her plans, he opened up and told her his adoption story and how if he had not been adopted he would have more than likely died. He began talking to her about her options and told her about the option of adoption.

"He gave Emily my phone number and asked her to call me. She called me that evening and we talked about her options and how that child growing inside of her deserved a chance at life. Emily met with me and it was obvious she really did not want to abort her baby, but felt like she had no other options. Emily told me that her appointment with the abortion clinic was that afternoon at 3 pm but was not sure she would go. I prayed with her before she left and asked her to call me if she needed anything.

"I spent time in prayer from 2:30 to 3:30 the day of her appointment, praying for Emily. I prayed that God would guide her heart and give her the courage she needed to make the best decision for this unborn child. Emily called me four days later and asked if we could meet. We met for coffee again. She sat across from me crying. She said she pulled up to the clinic that afternoon but could not get out of her car. She said she sat there for 30 minutes trying to force herself to get out of the car, but could not go in. She knew that she could not abort this child and wanted to know what she could do to give this child the life he or she deserved.

"Emily and I talked a few more times after that day about her options. She found some family members that were able to help her out and might even adopt the baby. We prayed together and she said that she knew God was leading her even though her faith in Him was not strong.

"At Christian Services, we have the privilege of working with women who are considering abortion and we are able to support them and pray for them as we counsel them to choose life!

"Tracy Gambill
Family Support Specialist"

I love that ministry!

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