Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Loving Our Muslim Neighbors

This is a fascinating discussion about how Christians can reach out to Muslim neighbors among us. Thabiti Anyabwile and J.D. Greear are involved in the discussion at the recent Desiring God Conference.


reborn1995 said...


This is an issue i think we're not nearly as concerned about. Not because there are more muslims than we think there are. But because i cannot tell you how much anti-muslim sentiment i encounter among Christians. Do you really think Christ would harbor or approve of prejudice against Muslims or un-neighborly-ness or lobbying to have these people suppressed or deported? i just don't see it. And yet some people in my own congregation just take it as a given that Muslims are bad people that we are obligated to be politically or behaviorally "against."


Terry said...

Thanks for your comment, Guy. I apologize for taking so long to publish your it. I was out of town and away from the computer for a day.