Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Is the Most Courageous Thing You've Ever Done?

While attending FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember marriage conference in Tulsa this past weekend, one of the speakers asked the men to talk to each other about the most courageous thing they had ever done.

That was a tough question for most of us. The man with whom I was talking said that he could not think of anything really courageous that he had done. With a little prodding, he finally told me that he had started his own overhead door company. He didn't think of it as a big deal, but it seemed courageous to me. After all, he had risked his financial future and his family's financial future on starting his own company. He had faced and overcome a few significant fears in doing it.

I had a little difficulty answering the question, too. Most of the things I had done in my life that could be considered courageous were actually simply acts of naivete. I was simply too ignorant of my situation to consider the risks. However, when it came down to a time when I faced my fears in a significant way, I could only remember going through the adoption process. I knew that I was risking our finances. I knew that I was risking rejection from potential birth mothers. I knew that I was risking the criticism of people who might not understand our decisions. I knew that I was taking a risk by pouring my heart into the life of a child. But I also knew that it was worth the risk of failure. I knew that I had to overcome my insecurities and fears in order to adopt a child.

What is the most courageous thing you've ever done?

"Be strong and courageous..." (Joshua 1:6).

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