Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Friend Muscles

I am reprinting a portion of Ron and Judy Babbit's monthly newsletter to supporters of their ministry. Ron is one of the ministers of the Contact Church of Christ. His newsletter is called Tulsa Urban Ministry, and this portion is titled My Friend Muscles.

Every Tuesday morning, several of us men get together to share "Good News" with TJ (Jim Roberts). I always pick up Muscles and Sid. Muscles and his wife live with another family of seven, with one bathroom. That's not bad as long as everyone is doing their job. Praise GOD, it was only my dad and mom and my favorite sister growing up in our two bedroom pad with one bath and I had a wonderful set of parents who loved the LORD. Muscles continues sharing his faith. Even though he is living on disability, his attitude is that of helping others. Recently, while shopping at the local Warehouse Market, a man approached Muscles and asked for $5.00 to purchase some meat and bread to fix a meal. Muscles gave him the $5 and the clown did what he said he was going to do. A month later, this same clown found Muscles and said, "Do you remember me?" Muscles said, "No not really." He said, "I'm the dude who asked for $5.00. Here, I want to pay it back, thanks for helping me." Muscles couldn't wait to share his story to the "Good News" team! Part Two, Muscles said, "Ron, I found out where this cat lives and I'm going to make a visit and invite him to Contact." Amen! I'm proud of Muscles reaching out and sharing his faith and love for the LORD.

Muscles doesn't have the extra $5.00 to hand out to clowns. It's a joy watching how GOD is moving in his heart. Muscles continues to be our "show up" man at Contact, serving, being available for whatever needs to be done. He's a great example of a servant of our LORD. Come to see me sometime. I want you to meet my friend Muscles. One day, as we were returning from TJ's "Good News" sharing and lessons we were driving along one of our lovely streets and noticed traffic backed up. We slowly approached a stalled vehicle and inside was a mom with one of her babies. She needed gas for her car. I left Nabor with the family and Muscles and I went to Contact and picked up a gas can and returned to provide some fuel for her rig. She tried to pay Muscles. He said, "No. Just bring your family and come and visit us sometime at the Contact church of CHRIST." I'm proud of these guys!

Six years ago, Janet and I became involved in Tulsa Urban Ministry (which eventually planted the Contact Church of Christ, our home congregation). Being able to work with the Babbits and the many other members of the Contact church has been a great honor. What a great group of people serving the Lord!

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