Saturday, April 14, 2007

International Orphans

I found the following information on the Christian Relief Fund web site (

700,000 children live in Ukraine's orphanages today.

65% to 75% of the children in ophanages are there due to alcoholism in their homes.

15% of the orphans commit suicide within one year of leaving an orphanage.

70% of boys are arrested within 3 years of leaving an orphanage.

60% of girls are involved in prostitution within 2 years of leaving an orphanage. Twenty-thousand prostitutes live in the capitol city (Kiev), and the typical prostitute is a 19 year old orphan.

The world's children are crying out for Christians who will care for them. God wants his people to help these children and others like them (James 1:27).

Jason and Erin Carley are preparing to adopt a little boy from Vietnam soon. (Erin is Gary and Mary Lasarsky's daughter, and George Sly's granddaughter---see yesterday's post.) The Carleys are doing something special in providing a home for their son. I know that they will be incredibly blessed by his presence, just as he will be by their's.

It is not possible for everyone to adopt, but everyone can encourage those who do. Perhaps we can support organizations like the Christian Relief Fund or an adoption agency (like Christian Services of Oklahoma) with money, prayer, and volunteering. The world is full of needs and opportunities to meet them (and the blessings of meeting those needs are indescribable).


Jennifer said...


Thank you for commenting on my post on my church's website. I'm thrilled it touched you and you enjoyed it so much. It means alot to me. My husband and I are currently adopting a baby girl from China (God's idea, not ours...hahaha). Our church is preparing to start getting involved in worldwide mission trips and the first journey will be in July. I am going to add your post with all the statistics to our church blog for everyone to read. I'll add a link to your blog as well in case people want to read more of what you've written.


Terry said...

Thank you, Jennifer. I liked the Sunshine Church's blog, too. I plan on checking it out every few days or so. You have a lot that is worth reading on it.
Terry Laudett