Friday, July 27, 2007

"God---My Prayer" by Tom Faith

Earlier this week, Tom Faith (one of our janitors at my office) approached me. He shared many of his regrets about living a life without the Lord for so many years. He is about 60 years old now. Tom has recently turned to Christ for forgiveness.

Today, he gave me a copy of a poem that he wrote about his experiences. He gave me permission to let others see it on the Internet. This is his prayer and poem:

God---My Prayer
by Tom Faith

I have been in the dark searching
for peace only to find pain.
Always looking for the sunlight
only to wake up in the rain.

I have done nothing to
deserve your Son.
I turned away from his love.
It is why I never saw the sun.

I will never give up,
I never will.
Because he died for me
on that hill.

I don't know about tomorrow.
I just live for today.
Please stand beside me, Jesus,
because you know the way.

Your forgiveness
is always felt.
But please help me, Lord,
to forgive myself.

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