Friday, November 07, 2008

What Do Pro-Life Christians Do Now?

As everyone knows, Senator Barack Obama has been elected to the presidency of the United States of America. He is committed to enacting the Freedom of Choice Act, a piece of legislation that would nullify 35 years of modest pro-life political victories. Parental involvement laws would be nullified. Restrictions on government funding of abortions would be nullified. Informed consent laws would be nullified. Partial-birth abortions would be legal again. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and hospitals would not be protected by laws designed to keep them from being forced to participate in abortions against their conscience. In addition, President-elect Obama is committed to appointing pro-abortion judges to all levels of the federal courts.

As bad as that may be, it gets even worse. Americans elected a very strong pro-abortion Congress.

In addition, voters in South Dakota rejected an initiative petition which would have banned abortions except in cases of rape, incest, and serious threats to the mother's health. In Colorado, voters rejected a proposal to define conception as the point at which life begins. In California, voters rejected a law requiring parental notification before a minor could undergo an abortion procedure.

The pro-life position was soundly defeated across the nation. Americans spoke clearly. They do not want the government to protect their pre-born children.

So what do pro-life Christians do now?

First, we refuse to give up. If we abandon this fight, more lives will be lost and more hearts will grow calloused. If we continue the effort to save lives, a few will be saved, even if we lose major battles.

Next, we pray for a change of heart. What would happen if President Obama recognized his negligence and took responsibility to protect pre-born children? The course of history could change.

Then, we must attempt to preserve every victory possible. Our political priority must be to stop the Freedom of Choice Act from becoming law.

Finally, we need to do the harder work. We cannot be content to complain and condemn. We cannot be content to be involved in the politics of the issue. We must be involved personally in the lives of the people who need help. This may take different forms, such as...

*Being willing to open our homes to homeless pregnant girls
*Adopting a child
*Volunteering at a pro-life pregnancy resource center or adoption agency
*Listening to and counseling our children and their friends as they make decisions about their lives
*Helping a pro-life urban ministry

However we choose to make a difference, we must become servants, not merely critics.

Will we regain lost ground? Will we preserve our gains? I cannot say. But even if we are destined to lose, let's lose with honor, courage, and integrity. The pro-life cause is noble and just. Win or lose, we cannot quit. Compassion forces us to keep trying. Lives are at stake.


Mike said...

Your right. As disciples of Jesus we just follow him. It does not matter if the world is agreeing with us or not.

Terry said...

Thanks, Mike!