Saturday, November 15, 2008

Will God Unleash Judgment Against America?

In the past, I would have answered with a definite no. For some reason, I believed...

1. God only judged the Israelites.
2. God only judged societies in the Old Testament. In the New Testament era, God limited his judgment to individuals.

I was wrong both times.

While reading the first two chapters of Amos, I noticed that God judged both the Israelites and the pagan societies around them. Israel was held to a higher standard because of its special relationship with God, but other nations were also judged based on how they treated their fellow human beings.

Later, while reading through Revelation, I noticed that Babylon faced God's wrath for its selfishness and blatant violations of basic human dignity (Revelation 18). Realizing that the destruction of Babylon fell fully within the New Testament era, I understood the obvious truth: God still judges societies. He remains involved and in control.

In order to avoid societal destruction, our laws, customs, and actions must respect the needs of people. Otherwise, the collapse of the nation cannot be avoided.

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