Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Do Your Part

"Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it" (1 Corinthians 12:27).

In Uncommon, Tony Dungy wrote, "We use faith all the time in football as well. Our Cover 2 defense requires a great deal of faith, and it can take players quite a while to get acclimated. Some never do. Because the defense is so assignment oriented, our players need to have trust and faith for it to work. They aren't allowed to freelance and simply run to the ball. They have to protect their areas, stay in their gaps, and 'trust the system.' They have to trust that everyone else will do his particular assignment and have faith that if that occurs, the defense will be effective" (p. 208).

As I read that paragraph (especially the sentences I italicized), I realized that the church needs to operate like a football team's Cover 2 defense. Each member needs to be responsible for his area, stay in his gap, and trust the system to work. Each member needs to care for the people within his sphere of influence. Each member needs to use his gifts to better the lives of others and to honor Christ in the process. Each member needs to trust that other members are doing their parts to fulfill their Lord's goals. Then the church will be effective.

My responsibilities may push me into the spotlight at times, but usually it would be a rare occurrence. Most defensive football players get a tackle every once in a while, but few get one on every play. And none would be able to get anything done without the other 10 teammates doing their parts. In most games, some of the defensive players never get a tackle, but by playing their positions well, they aid those who do. Whether they look important or not, every member is important. All of us need to help each other by doing our parts, whatever those parts may be, so that the church will accomplish what it needs to do.



Some days you're the brain, and other days you're the armpit. Such is life.


Terry said...

Thanks for the comment, Ed! I'm just happy to be on a winning team. said...

Terry - you're assuming that most members are already on the field.

In my experience, quite a few haven't been. :p

Terry said...

You could be right. I might be naive. However, I hope people are doing their parts in their everyday lives, and we don't know much about it.

Christy said...

Good analogy. I tend to agree with westcoast, unfortunately. Not much team work going on these days, I'm afraid.

Terry said...

You and Wes are probably right, Christy.