Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Adoption Story

On the radio program FamilyLife Today, Georgia Bulldogs coach Mark Richt and his wife Katharyn tell the story of the adoption of their two children from Ukraine. You can hear the interview (or read the transcript) by clicking on the link below. (I recommend listening to it.)

FamilyLife Today -

Tomorrow, you should be able to access the second part of the interview by following a link from part one of the interview.

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reborn1995 said...

i think the church desperately needs to learn place greater value on adoption and personal care of orphans. These stories often remind me of Mother Theresa, pleading with people not to choose abortion, "give me your babies, i will take care of them." Now *that* is a pro-life stance that has tangible moral punch to it.


Terry said...

Those are good points, Guy. It makes a difference when people see that followers of Christ are willing to take care of children who are assumed to be unwanted. I discovered this by accident as Janet and I went through the adoption process. You may be interested in reading about it at If the address does not appear when this comment is published, you may do a search of my blog using the word "sage". Thanks for the comment!