Friday, October 09, 2009

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries

Each year during this time, Federal employees (including both civilian and military personnel) are given an opportunity to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a program in which participants may send a portion of their paychecks to up to 5 approved charities. Thousands of charities are listed in the brochure that is given to each employee.

In the past few years, I have become aware of the need for Christian ministries that seek to help children who have gotten into trouble. I have had 3 co-workers who have had to place their sons in residential programs because of the problems faced by each family. Each of my co-workers was a single mother whose son had fallen into destructive behavior patterns. The boys were out of control and in great danger of ruining their lives. The mothers were determined to help their children, but they could not do it alone. One sent her son to a military school. The other two sent their sons to Christian-based children's homes. Those programs made a tremendous difference in the lives of each family.

While I hope we never need such a program, I have seen how they help families in crisis situations. I've been impressed.

While browsing through the CFC brochure last week, I found a local ministry that helps such families: Cookson Hills Christian Ministries ( My wife Janet knew about the ministry (which includes a children's home and a Christian school), because the church in which she grew up has been involved with it for decades.

We have decided to allocate a portion of my paycheck to Cookson Hills Christian Ministries. If you are a Federal Employee in the Tulsa area, you may want to check out Cookson Hills, too. If you choose to donate, the CFC number is 39211. If you are not a Federal employee, you may donate by checking out their Web site.

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