Monday, April 19, 2010

God in the Neighborhood

This is an excerpt from Ron Babbit's letter to supporters of his ministry. Ron is the senior minister of the Contact Church.

"Phil-a-mino was hanging out at the playground area in her apartment complex as she watched her son, Curly John, play. Another couple was there, Donnie and Amanda, with their two children. Phil-a-mino, or as Big O calls her, Philly, struggles. But she has found a church family because Big O paid attention and started reading the WORD with her. Read on to see how GOD has been working in hearts.

"When Philly met Donnie and Amanda on the playground, she immediately told them about a church that she was attending. She told them that they would be welcome and could come and go with her. They showed up during our mid-week, Tuesday Nite Live service, where we pray, read and sing. This is a powerful time of growth in our walk with HIM. Donnie and Amanda immediately started asking questions and said that they needed some furniture. Donnie asked, 'Do you know anything about the mattress and box springs that are standing in the hallway?' I asked him if he needed them. He said, 'We have a mattress, but it is covered with mold.' I said, 'Do you guys think you can handle a very nice bed, with head-board and rails?' He said with a big smile, 'I think we are up to the challenge!' Stan the Man was standing there so I asked him what his plans were for the rest of the evening. Stan the Man said, 'Let's go.' I love that spirit. I pulled my truck around to the east side of the building to load the bed. While holding the door (that's my new job) Tree walked up and handed me $50. He said, 'Ron, if you have the time to help them get the rest of their furniture out of storage, this will take care of the storage cost.' I told Tree thanks and thanked him for paying attention to the needs of others and doing something about it. We got the bed loaded and made the haul upstairs. When we got into the bedroom, you could smell the mold and mildew! We picked up the nasty mattress and hauled it to the dumpster. The next day it was gone, because another family needed it.

"We began looking for a couch because Donnie and Amanda had pulled one from a dumpster to have something to sit on. A couple days later Stan the Man picked up Donnie and told him that if he was willing to help haul three couches that he could have one of them. Donnie said, 'Sure!' Donnie and Amanda now have a beautiful couch in their pad, thanks to another brother being willing to help with this need.

"The great joys and blessings of the 'furniture moving ministry' are being able to share the WORD OF GOD and ask the life and death questions: 'Amanda, if you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?' 'Donnie, if you were to die today, where would you spend eternity?' They both said hell. We shared what the LORD has done for all mankind. They now have an opportunity to make a commitment to our SAVIOR. The GOOD NEWS!

"Donnie and Amanda were baptized into CHRIST.

"Following one of our fellowship meals, Blondie noticed that when Donnie and Amanda finished eating, they immediately began cleaning the tables, looking for the vacuum cleaner and picking up...

"Recently Tree called to say his buddy, Dilly, needed to hire a hoss to work with him in his tree trimming business. I got his number and shared it with Donnie who had mentioned his willingness to work. Dilly put him to work and the next day called me to say that Donnie is a keeper. He is now on the payroll.

"What a blessing; now Donnie and Amanda can provide for themselves. What a joy it is to watch the family of GOD serve together, and help others learn about the blood of the LAMB and HIS forgiveness.

"Amanda and Donnie have already been inviting their neighbors to Contact. Donnie is gathering several young men who would like to have a bike and are willing to work for it. Many have given us bikes; now we have someone who is willing to develop a plan for some clowns and darlins to work for a bike...

"Souls are being added to the Kingdom because of the CROSS, and because someone on the playground was willing to tell someone else about a church called Contact. As TJ says, 'Everyone needs a contact with the LORD.' Amen church!"

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