Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Second Annual Weekend to Remember Contest

Four years ago, I won tickets from a local radio station to attend FamilyLife's A Weekend to Remember marriage conference. Janet and I had a great time.

During the conference, we learned about the biblical plan for the role of husbands, the role of wives, valuing each other as God's gifts, sexual intimacy, communication, and many other subjects. The speakers were insightful and humorous. They even set aside time on Saturday night for couples to have a date night together. It truly lived up to its name. It was a weekend to remember.

Since we enjoyed the conference so much, Janet and I have decided to pay the registration for another couple to experience A Weekend to Remember. The conferences are being held across the United States and in Canada this spring. You may find information about dates, locations, and other details at

In order to win registration to A Weekend to Remember, please leave a comment on this post. The contest will be open until 12:01 am January 17, 2011. Next Monday, I will randomly draw one name from the comments section of the reader who will win the registration. (Sorry, but we cannot pay for your hotel room and meals; but the registration fee is valued at $318, so it is still a very valuable prize for a blog contest.) If you are the winner, we will get your mailing address and instruct FamilyLife to send a gift certificate for you and your spouse to attend the conference of your choice.


Warren Baldwin said...

Terry & Janet,

What a wonderful offer!! This is so gracious!

I am familiar with Weekend to Remember (though I have never been). Some folks from our church and community have been to it.

As a minsiter I think I qualify for a discount, so I am not going to put my name up for the drawing so someone else can get it. But, would you mind if I mentioned this on my blog and sent people over here? Also, you might mention it on facebook.

Thanks for being a faithful reader of FF and BF. I'm sorry I don't get over here more. I just don't get to visit arounds as much as I would like.

I would like to ask you if you'd be willing to do a review of my book on Proverbs. I'd be glad to send you a copy.


Terry said...

Thank you! Yes, I would appreciate the mention on your blog. I think that your readers would love this conference. I mentioned it on Facebook and it generated a lot of views, but so far no one has entered the contest.

By the way, last month, FamilyLife Today posted a status update on their Facebook page asking followers to suggest potential guests for their national radio program for the next year. I mentioned you and your book. I am reading the book and thought that you would make a great guest for their program. I don't know whether they will contact you, but hopefully they will check into your book and contact you.

I won a copy of your book from Beth Herring's blog (your fellow blogger at Titus 2 in Action) a few weeks ago. I'm nearly finished. I'm planning to review it before the end of the month. I already know that I can highly recommend it.

Warren Baldwin said...

I just posted an announcement tonight.


Warren Baldwin said...

Hey Terry, I'm must now reading your follow-up comment. I didn't realize (or I least I didn't remember) you winning the book from Beth's give-away. Congratulations! And I'm looking forward to your review!

And thank you for suggesting the book to FamilyLife Today. That is very nice. I hope they will contact me.

God bless. wb

Kathleen Johnson said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful time. Thanks for your generosity and doing the drawing.

Kathleen Johnson said...

I forgot to leave my email. It's

skef said...

What a fun idea--and generous. So, who won?!

Terry said...

Kathleen Johnson won. She has not decided which conference to attend, but she thinks it will be one of the fall conferences this year. Thanks for asking, Skef!