Monday, February 14, 2011

Recommended Radio Programs

Last night during a Bible study at the Normandy Apartments in Tulsa, I was asked to recommend a few good Christian television programs. Unfortunately, since I don't watch Christian television programing, I was unable to give any recommendations.

However, since I listen to the radio for several hours each day as I work, I was able to recommend a few good Christian radio programs. These are my favorites:

1. FamilyLife Today ( features Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine as co-hosts. Usually, Dennis and Bob interview Christians who have written books or who have expertise in some aspect of Christian family life. The advice is consistently solid and applicable.

2. Discover the Word ( features Haddon Robinson, Alice Matthews, and Mart De Haan. During each program, they engage in an on-air small group Bible study. As they go through a portion of Scripture, they tackle it from many different angles while asking the hard questions from the text.

3. Truth for Life ( features Alistair Begg, a pastor of the nondenominational Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio. He does an excellent job of preaching verse-by-verse through the Scriptures with great insight into the meaning of the text and its application to life today.

While I usually listen on the radio, each program may be heard over the Internet too. If you have never heard these programs, you may enjoy giving them chance. I benefit from them every day.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

hey terry! thanks for sharing these websites for christian radio! i will be checking them out as i am not a tv person either.

Terry said...

You're welcome, Beth. I hope you like them.

Rosslyn Elliott said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Radio would be a good source for me as our town is spread out and we drive a lot.

Terry said...

You're welcome, Rosslyn. I think you can find a radio station's broadcast schedule from a link at each of the programs' sites.