Sunday, February 06, 2011

Praying for the Missing Fathers

In his sermon today, one of our ministers, Joel Osborn, mentioned helping to teach our congregation's first and second grade Sunday school class with his wife Rhonda. At one point during the class, the children took turns praying. He noticed that three of the children prayed for fathers. One boy prayed for his father who was in prison. Two others prayed that they would simply have fathers.

This is a common source of heartache for many children.

In this video, former NFL coach Tony Dungy recognizes the problem of fatherlessness in America and offers a little advice to help solve the problem:

"And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers..." (Malachi 4:6).


Marsha Young said...

Terry -
You are so right in that missing fathers create such terrible problems for children. Not just their current physical, emotional, and financial problems; but it also makes it hard for them to relate to a loving heavenly Father. Never having known a loving Father they struggle more than most people with believing He cares for them.

Thank you for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles. God bless you - Marsha

Terri Tiffany said...

It is amazing to me how many non-traditional families there are today. Thank you for sharing this informaton.

Terry said...

Marsha--Those are some good points. The absence of a father certainly can be a spiritual obstacle, too. Thanks for sharing!

Terri--Yes, I am too. Thanks!

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Terry,

I have spent time reading your blog, and it's a blessing. This post about the fatherless children breaks my heart, but it makes me want to do something about it, and reach out to these kids, and share the Love of Christ with them.

There are so many children who have fathers, but consider themselves fatherless if their parent is in prison, like the one you mentioned.
I had never seen the video before, and I'm so happy you posted it.

I read your post in regard to your sons birthday, and the letter you wrote moved my heart deeply, and what a blessing he is, so adorable! You have a beautiful family, and I look forward to following your blog.

I don't have a comment option on my blog, but my email is listed for prayer request...

God bless you & your family,
Michele Katherine

Terry said...

Thank you for those very kind words, Michele Katherine! I'm looking forward to following your blog, too.

Steve Bragg said...

Joel is a good man doing a good work. I have known him many years. You all are blessed to have him.

Terry said...

Thanks, Steve. I agree completely. I apologize for failing to recognize your name. Have I met you? Have you visited us at the Contact Church? If not, we would love to have you visit some time.