Thursday, May 17, 2007

Abortion in the News

Yesterday, the Oklahoma Senate approved a bill that will prohibit tax money from supporting most unnecessary abortions in our state.

The Tulsa World's article about the measure stated, "The measure bans the use of public money and facilities for abortions except to save a woman's life or in cases of rape or incest."

The Oklahoman's report stated, "State senators easily gave final passage Wednesday to a new abortion bill that prohibits public money and institutions from being used to perform abortions...SB 139 allows abortions to save a mother's life and in cases of rape or incest."

Woman or mother? Since the Tulsa World officially supports the legal killing of any pre-born child, it chose the term "woman," because to say "mother" would imply that a child is involved in the abortion, making its justification more difficult. The Oklahoman recognized and reported the truth: a pregnant woman is a mother, a woman responsible for nurturing a child. The Oklahoman is to be commended for its honesty.

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