Friday, May 25, 2007

Medical Missionaries in the Christian Chronicle

"The rich and poor have a common bond,
the LORD is the maker of them all" (Proverbs 22:2, NASB).

I read an interesting article in the June 2007 edition of the Christian Chronicle. Living a Medical Mission by Erik Tryggestad tells the story of Kemmel and Lisa Dunham, a couple of health professionals who left their jobs in the United States in order to work as medical missionaries for the Churches of Christ in Guatemala. The article may be read online at

I found one quote very interesting. Dr. Lisa Dunham said, "We see many of the same illnesses here...people worry about the same things here as they do in the States...interpersonal problems that go unresolved and spiritual needs that haven't been addressed."

I have noticed the similarities of the problems that people face also, whether we are rich or poor. On my job, I serve some of the wealthiest families in Oklahoma. In the Contact Church, I serve Christ with some of the poorest people in Oklahoma. Whether rich or poor, I have seen people struggle through many of the same problems. I have seen wealthy and poor families fall apart. I have seen wealthy and poor people battle cancer. We are not as different as we sometimes would like to believe. All of us struggle with problems that are bigger than we are. Everyone of us needs the Lord.

On another subject in the same article, Mr. Tryggestad wrote, "They (the Dunhams) recently finished reading through the entire Bible--for the first time." I like that. They did not wait until they had all the answers or had read the entire Bible before they started serving as missionaries. However, they disciplined themselves to undertake something that took months in order to complete, because they wanted to know God better (and there is no better way than by listening to his complete message). I would love for everyone to follow their example. It's a great way to get to know God better and to honor him.

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