Thursday, August 30, 2007

Communication Problems

Like most churches on Easter Sunday, the sanctuary of the California church was packed. The worship service was close to starting, and long-time deacon Harry Butts was serving as an usher for the congregation on that day.

Two little old ladies arrived just as the service was about to begin. They were visitors who had never been in the building before, but fortunately Harry was there to help them. However, Harry was having a hard time seeing two open seats for the little old ladies. So the three of them were standing at the back of the sanctuary as the preacher approached the pulpit.

"I would like to welcome everyone to our church this beautiful Easter morning," the preacher began. Then he noticed Harry and the two little old ladies straining to see any open seats. Trying to be helpful, the preacher spoke into the microphone, "We have two open seats up here on the front row for the two ladies with Harry Butts at the back of the sanctuary."

The two little old ladies stormed out offended. The preacher and Harry stood there, scratching their heads and wondering what their problem was.

---adapted from a sermon by Chuck Swindoll on his radio program, "Insight for Living"


Todd M said...

Thanks for the laugh. Very funny

Terry said...

Thanks, Todd. Chuck Swindoll can be pretty funny.