Friday, August 31, 2007

Worth Reading

Today, I found two good articles worth reading on the Internet.

At, rock star Bono discusses his views of Christ, grace, and karma. He understands the good news of Christ better than I ever expected. (I didn't even know that I had such a prejudiced view of European rock stars---assuming that they had no grasp of Jesus Christ---until Bono surprised me with his defense of basic Christianity. I guess that all of us have prejudices that we don't recognize until they are challenged.)

At, Sarah Logsdon discusses Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Contact Church of Christ. Her post was a very compassionate and thought-provoking piece about some of the problems faced by an urban ministry.


Bob, Sarah, and Miriam Logsdon said...

Thanks, Terry for your note on our blog article. You always have such thought provoking posts. I'm honored to be included!

Terry said...

You're welcome. It was a very good post, and I thought that others should see it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with everyone.