Saturday, April 26, 2008

Important and Useful Information

In the latest edition of the Christian Chronicle, I read an inspiring article about Dean and Sherry Adams, a couple who serve a small Church of Christ in Dickinson, North Dakota. They have been incredible assets to the network of Churches of Christ in that state for the last 30 years. Now they are facing a difficult time in paying the medical bills for their children who were born with hypogammaglobulinemia, a genetic disorder which hampers their bodies' abilities to fight infection. They have had a small, but very significant, ministry which has honored Jesus Christ for decades. Now they could use our help. If you would like to learn more about the Adams family, please go to Please consider sending a little (or a lot of) money to help a family that has helped so many over the years. (If the Christian Chronicle places the story on its web site, I will edit this post in order to provide the link to it.)

At, you may read about the amazing story and see amazing photographs of a pre-born child who reaches out and grabs the finger of the surgeon who is operating on him. If you do not agree with the pro-life position, you may change your mind about the humanity of pre-born children and the need to provide legal protection for them after viewing this web site.

At, you may read the thoughts of William Wilberforce's great-great-grandson. He says that his ancestor would be involved in the pro-life movement today if he were alive. William Wilberforce led the efforts to abolish the slave trade and slavery in Great Britain's parliament 200 years ago.

At, you may read a devotional piece about real perseverance. It will encourage you to keep on going when you read about what others are enduring for the sake of God's glory.

At, you may read the blog of an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and slavery in the United States and around the world. (Yes, it still exists despite its illegality. So it needs to be fought.)

Thanks for reading and for considering helping the Adams family with their needs!

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