Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Recommended Reading

I enjoy reading Brian Jones' blog. He serves Christ's Church of the Valley in Collegeville Pennsylvania. He has been posting some interesting thoughts about leading churches lately.

At, Brian tackles the question: Why do more women than men attend church services? I'm not sure that most women in churches are attracted to effeminate men, as Brian postulates, but he makes some good points. Some preachers emphasize affection, kindness, and gentleness while ignoring the tougher qualities of Christianity such as courage and boldness. A more balanced approach could help present a more accurate portrayal of Christ and his church. (By the way, this is not a criticism of any of our ministers in the Contact Church. They have always been very balanced and have displayed integrity in their teaching as well as their lives .)

At, Brian Jones challenges ministers to teach about hell even when it is unpopular and makes them appear less than compassionate. Faithfulness is more important than popularity or appearances.

Finally, I would like to share an article from the Christian Chronicle. Many people may have heard or read about the raid of a religious group's compound in Texas over the weekend. There were serious allegations of sexual abuse of children in the reclusive group. Until today, I had not seen anything positive about the situation. However, at, Joy McMillon writes about the kindness of local Christians who came to the aid of the women and children who were rescued from the compound. Against the backdrop of a bad situation, light is shining. God is being honored in the compassionate acts of his people.

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