Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ministries to the Needy Contest

World Magazine, an evangelical Christian news magazine, has announced a contest for ministries to the needy (www.worldmag.com/articles/15246). Since it's my favorite news magazine and the winner will receive an year-long subscription extension (and the ministry will be featured in the magazine), I entered the Contact Church of Christ in the contest this evening. This is the body of the e-mail I sent to the magazine tonight:

"The Contact Church of Christ was established 7 years ago specifically to serve the urban poor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A few of its ministries include:

"1. The Contact Recovery House. The recovery house has been set up to help men overcome their addictions through providing housing, 12 step meetings, and the study of God's word. All participants save 20% of their income until their departure. The Bible studies focus on developing men of integrity as unbelievers are offered an opportunity to know salvation through Christ and believers are offered an opportunity to grow in their faith.

"2. The Contact Life Ministry. The Contact Life ministry is a pro-life ministry serving the needs of pregnant girls and women in poverty. The new mothers enter a program to learn parenting skills. They learn about prenatal care, fetal development, bonding with their babies, the importance of touch, newborn care, and good parent-child relationship skills. As they complete their assignments, the new mothers earn points which they can redeem for baby furniture, baby and maternity clothes, toys, diapers, formula, and other necessities. The goal is for each new mother to build a relationship with their teacher as they learn how to make good choices for themselves and their children.

"3. Panthers for Christ. In 2005, the Contact Church 'adopted' Clinton Middle School. At that time, the school was on the state's 'at risk' list as a failing school. Every Wednesday during the school year, members of the Contact Church hold a club meeting for the Panthers for Christ club at the middle school in which students are given donuts and juice, a short Bible lesson, and an opportunity to talk with church members about their lives and concerns. Since adopting the school a few years ago, Clinton Middle School had been removed from the 'at risk' list. The principal credited the Panthers for Christ and the Contact Church of Christ for helping to change the atmosphere of the school in a positive way."

I would love to see the Contact Church featured in World Magazine. Hopefully, the editors will be interested in the urban ministry. (By the way, Contact Church staff members who are reading this blog need to be prepared to receive a phone call or an e-mail just in case they are interested.)


preacherman said...

I think that helping the needy plays such an important impact on the lives of those who are suffering. At our congregation they have what they call "Fix It" ministry. Men and women who have the gift of fixing and building houses help those in need. It made the paper last week. We are so blessed to have so many ministry that make a difference in the life of a person. It gives them a chance to see Christ played out through believers in a real way.

Terry said...

Very well said, Kinney. Thanks for the comment!