Thursday, July 23, 2009

Important Reading Material

Here are a few links to important reading material on the Internet:

At, you will find a new free e-book (Pastor Dad) by Mark Driscoll. He encourages fathers to be the kind of fathers they should be.

Anthony Bradley tackles the tough topic of why children raised in Christian families walk away from the faith at and Christian parents will be especially interested in this topic.

At, Joel Virgo helps churches that want to reach men and help them to develop into the men that God wants them to be. (Start at the bottom of the page and scroll up on this one.)

Finally, Albert Mohler shows how the rejection of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy leads one to reject other biblical teachings at


Mike said...

Great links. Thanks

Terry said...

You're welcome, Mike. I'm glad you liked them.

Christy said...

"Teaching a Christianity of avoidance rather than one of discernment becomes legalistic, pharisaical, and poisonous to the heart. The Bible naturally tells us to avoid things but some communities reduce Christianity to “good Christians don’t do this or that.”

WOW! He got my attention with the first paragraph! Going back to read the rest now. Thanks!

Terry said...

Your welcome, Christy! Mr. Bradley wrote some stuff I had never considered.