Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Family Room - Finding Men Worthy of Marriage

FamilyLife's The Family Room contains a good article about the need to find men worth marrying. Author Voddie Baucham contends that fathers need to help their daughters recognize the essential qualities to seek in a potential husband, and they need to help their sons to develop those qualities.

Voddie Baucham writes, "I believe God has spoken rather decisively in His Word about what our daughters should look for. Moreover, I believe there are some non-negotiables that our daughters must be looking for. There are some things a man simply must be before he is qualified to assume the role of a Christian husband. For instance, he must be a Christian (2 Corinthians 6:14); he must be committed to biblical headship (Ephesians5:23ff.); he must welcome children (Psalm 127:3-5); he must be a suitable priest (Joshua 24:15), prophet (Ephesians 6:4), protector (Nehemiah 4:13-14), and provider (1 Timothy 5:8; Titus 2:5). A man who does not possess--or at least show strong signs of--these and other basic characteristics does not meet the basic job description laid down for husbands in the Bible.

"Moreover, as a father, it is my responsibility to teach my daughter what these requirements are, encourage her not to settle for less, and walk with her through the process of evaluating potential suitors. Of course, these ideas may come as a shock to many in contemporary Christian circles (not to mention society at large). However, I have found that there is a growing discontentment among young women today. They are tired of being thrown to the wolves. They are also tired of feeling like they have to settle for less than God's best. My question is, why should they?"

For more excerpts from Mr. Baucham's book What He Must Be if He Wants to Marry My Daughter, please click on the link below.



I have a five year old daughter. My plan is to kill her first three boyfriends. I figure word will get round. :)

Christy said...

Funny, my husband and I were just discussing this very thing a few minutes ago. He was stating how he feels it is important that he spend a lot of time with our son, to show him how to be a man. I said that, yes, that's important, but he also needs to show our daughter what to look for in a husband, so he also needs to spend time with her.

Interesting that we were on the same thought pattern today. ;0)

Terry said...

If Christopher is interested, I'll let him know to be the fourth in line. :)

That is interesting. You never know when you post something that someone else is thinking about, too.

Thanks for the comments!


I'm sure he'll be popular with the ladies!