Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Secrets Can't Be Kept

Matt Hurley is one of our ministers in the Contact Church. Among his duties, he coordinates activities for youth groups from other congregations that come to help us in the urban ministry. Last night, he told us about the efforts of one youth group from a small town.

The group had been coming to Tulsa for a few years, and Matt felt that the members were ready for something new and challenging. He approached the leader and told him that he felt the group was ready to minister in one of the apartment complexes with a fairly bad reputation. He assured the leader that it would be safe. In response, the leader said, "Okay, but don't let the other parents know about its reputation. They will freak out." Matt agreed to keep it silent.

The next day, Matt addressed the youth group. Several of the Contact Church's kids were intermingled with the other church's youth group. Matt announced, "Today, we're going to Mohawk." Suddenly the Contact kids erupted with: "WE'RE GOING TO GET SHOT! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!"

So much for keeping secrets.


reborn1995 said...

i'm a parent, so it's not like i don't understand. But i really feel in my gut that i hope i model something different to my son. i'd much rather him get the message from me that you should dare to be Christ's disciple no matter what that means or where it takes you. i'm afraid though, as thoroughly suburbanized as i am, that he might get the impression that it's more important to avoid the "wrong side of the tracks." i sincerely hope not. How can i change this unless i'm willing to go where others won't?

Check this out:

It certainly made me think.


Warren Baldwin said...

That's funny! You can't fool the kids. Good post.

Terry said...

I understand what you're saying. I want my son to have courage, too. But sometimes I have a hard time with it myself. Thanks for the link. It does make one think, doesn't it?

Thanks for leaving a comment. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. I don't think I have left a comment, but you are sharing some great thoughts with everyone. I have been following it since the day I found it.

preacherman said...

As a former youth minister I have learned that you share as much information you can with the parents. The more informed they are the better the relationship with you and they. I have learned a secret will always be discovered. I have also learned that parents in churches are the ones who can cause the youth minister the most problems. So share, share, share. If they don't like something...It's okay. I am glad they ministered in the ghetto.
It is great!

Terry said...

Thanks, Kinney. We live and learn...and sometimes we have some fun learning. :)

I appreciate the comment. Thanks, brother.