Saturday, March 24, 2007

International Soul Winning Workshop 2007

In my post earlier today, I mentioned that we have been attending the International Soul Winning Workshop. In addition to the session about mission work in Rwanda, we attended the Thursday evening session featuring Bruce Marchiano, the actor who played the role of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew video series. However, we did not spend any more time listening to preachers. I'm sure that there were some good speakers, but most of our time was spent talking to old friends and buying books and music CDs.

I don't know what Janet bought, except for a couple of Watershed CDs. I bought Little Boys Bible Storybook for Fathers and Sons to read to Christopher before bedtime. I also purchased the New American Standard Bible/New International Version Parallel Bible, The College Press NIV Commentary Minor Prophets Volume 2, Igniting the Moral Courage of America by Dean Kilmer, and Sundays with Scottie by Milton Jones. I'm looking forward to reading all of them.

We were able to talk to several old friends who were members of Jenks Church with us a number of years ago. In addition, we saw many members of the Contact Church of Christ at the church's booth.

We also talked to some people from Cookson Hills Christian Ministries, Pioneer Bible Translators, and a few other ministries. For a few minutes this morning, we talked with Colleen Deloach (who serves as a missionary with her husband Steve in Guyana). Their son, Isaiah (whom they adopted in Guyana) is still doing well. The medication continues to keep his HIV undetectable. (I have always admired how they adopted a baby with HIV from Guyana. I believe Isaiah is 10 years old now.) I asked Colleen how old a child should be before taking him on a mission trip to Guyana, because I want to take Christopher some day. Although her children were about 5 when they first went, she suggested about 10 years old would be appropriate. So we have something to look forward to in a few more years.

Finally, we appreciated Sarah Logsdon watching Christopher at her house for a few hours on Friday. He loved taking care of Bob and Sarah's baby, Miriam. If you are reading this Sarah, thanks again!

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