Saturday, October 06, 2007

Living in the Hood

In Ron and Judy Babbit's monthly newsletter, they quote a note given to them by a member of the Contact Church of Christ. It illustrates the difficulties of living in poverty as well as the need for more churches like the Contact Church to reach out to the urban poor. This is a portion of her letter to the Babbits:

"While living at (gives her location) for you and me, it is the hood. It has been very difficult---drugs, killings, violence, all forms of disrespect. My granddaughter (she is 3 years old) walks into our apartment using the 'f' bomb. It is unbelievable and heartbreaking. I watch the men come into our complex; they are here for the women and drugs and if that doesn't happen, then someone gets hurt. I watch how the children are pushed down, cursed at, and hit; never do I see the touch of compassion. The children don't have a chance! Contact has been my stronghold for our LORD'S love to shine. Our LORD has guided me to trust HIM no matter what. And I want to thank Contact Church of CHRIST."

Thank you for praying for our members!

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