Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Opportunity to Help Disabled Iraqi Orphans

The following article is from the September 2007 edition of National Right to Life News. "Rescued from Near-Euthanasia, Iraqi Orphans Need Loving Homes" was written by Joleigh Little of Wisconsin Right to Life. I am hoping that someone may read this and be able to help. This is a portion of the article, but more information is available at the end of it for anyone who would like to help.

"Euthanasia, regardless of where it rears its ugly head, is a vicious killer that preys on the weak and vulnerable, seeking to destroy anyone and everyone in its path.

Recently, that path wound across the globe to an orphanage in Baghdad where 24 disabled boys ages 6 to 23 were found literally starving and dehydrating to death. The children were lying naked in pools of their own filth, covered with biting flies, 'guilty' only of being orphaned and unable to care for themselves.

Some have cerebral palsy, others were born with Down syndrome, while still others suffer from disabilities not yet diagnosed due to a lack of resources in a country struggling desperately to achieve democracy. No one knows what circumstances brought them to that place.

We only know what we have learned since they were discovered by American soldiers on a routine patrol and rescued by those soldiers in concert with local Iraqi officials who were horrified that such a thing could happen in their backyard...

After viewing the story (on CBS News), (Scott) Southworth immediately contacted military colleagues and both the U.S. and Iraqi governments to seek permission to bring the boys to the U.S. for medical treatment...With the full cooperation of both governments, he has received permission to do just that...

However, loving homes need to be found for each of the boys---and Southworth believes the pro-life community can be of help...In fact, one of the families already lined up to take in two of the Iraqi boys---six year old twins---are local chapter chairs for Wisconsin Right to Life.

'What we need are more people like this,' Southworth said...

'Families who consider this should realize that they are likely in this for the long haul,' he said. 'There will be frustrations, but I want to find families who will view these children as a blessing...never as a burden. I want people who, even during the toughest times, will remember that these children are a gift from God.'

If you, or someone you know, might consider providing a home for one or more of these precious children, please contact us at or call (715) 378-4302 for more information. You could change the life of a child forever and enrich your own in ways that can only be imagined."

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