Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blogger Reflection Awards

Allen Hickerson has given me his auspicious Blogger Reflection Award and made some kind comments about my blog and Janet's blog (see By the way Allen, we ran into your parents, sister, and nephews a couple of days ago at the Tulsa State Fair.

Here are the rules for the awards (some of which I will follow):

1. Copy these rules.

2. Reflect on 5 bloggers and write at least a paragraph about each one.

3. Link to this post so others can read it, too.

4. Leave chosen bloggers a comment to let them know they have won a Blogger Reflection Award.

5. Show the Blogger Reflection Awards image in your post. (Sorry, Allen. I still cannot figure out how to post images on my blog. If anyone wants to see the image, please go to the link to Allen's blog above.)

These are a few of the blogs I read:

1. Arron Chambers ( serves as a preacher with Christ's Church in Jacksonville, Florida. His blog usually centers on some good thoughts about his local congregation as well as some encouraging words about following Jesus.

2. Jackie Chesnutt ( is an elder and minister with the Southside Church of Christ in Rogers, Arkansas. My mother, step-father, sister, brother-in-law, nephews, and niece worship with the same congregation. It's good to be able to keep up with their preacher (who happens to be a great speaker and great guy). I like the fact that he says he started his blog as an alternative to therapy. I know that feeling.

3. Tony Dungy ( coaches the Indianapolis Colts. I have followed his career for a few years now, after hearing him interviewed on the FamilyLife Today radio program. On his blog, he focuses on football, but he often mentions family and faith as well. He has made a Colts fan out of me.

4. Janet Laudett ( is my wife. She writes more about our family than I do, but I agree with Allen...she does not post often enough. If you want to know more about our everyday lives, Janet gives much more insight about us than you may find on my blog usually.

5. Bobby and Tamie Ross ( are editors and writers for the Christian Chronicle, an international newspaper for the Churches of Christ. They are also fellow alumni of Oklahoma Christian University. (Bobby and I were in the Class of 1990.) You will find a good sense of humor on their blog. Sometimes you will find something inspirational (especially when Bobby writes about his parents and their 25 years of service as house parents for a children's home). Sometimes you will find something that challenges you (like when Tamie wrote about signing up to be tested to become a bone marrow donor...she inspired me to do the same when the opportunity arose on my job at the post office several weeks ago). Their blog is very entertaining, but like Janet, they need to post more often.

Please check out all of these blogs. I think you will like them, too.


Janet said...

Hey, Sweetie--just my comment to let you know you got my Blogger Reflection award--but you already know! See the post at

Arron Chambers said...

Terry--Thanks for the award! I did some research on these awards and I feel very honored to be on your list.

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

We are honored to be included! Thanks so much.

-- Bobby and Tamie

Terry said...

Arron, Bobby, and Tamie,

When I received the award, I felt honored just to be nominated. My head was about to burst from pride when I won, so I know the feeling. (I know. I'm really full of it:)