Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ethnic Violence in Kenya

Since its presidential election a few days ago, Kenya has been in turmoil. Ethnic violence has been compared to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. People are losing their lives because they belong to the "wrong" ethnic group.

The Christian Chronicle has an online story about the violence. I am proud of the members of the Churches of Christ who are risking their lives to protect fellow citizens from the violence, despite ethnic differences. However, we need to pray for the peace of Kenya. The situation could get worse before it gets better. Please pray for Kenya.

The report may be read at,_displaced_after_post-election_violence


EandJTrygg said...


Thanks for the link! I'm getting a few more reports in and may post some additional material before too long. Just got an interesting e-mail this morning about how the situation is impacting the surrounding African nations. Kenya is a sort of trade hub for the region, so the suffering that's resulting from this crisis will go outside the country's borders.

Thanks again!

-- Erik

Terry said...

I appreciate your reporting. Keep up the good work!

Aunt Susie said...

Great information to read. I am very proud of you!

Terry said...

Thanks, Aunt Susie!