Thursday, February 14, 2008


"He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor" (Psalm 112:9, NIV).

Today, we received information about our sponsored child from the Christian Relief Fund. Yunior is a six-year old boy from the Dominican Republic, a nation in the Caribbean that shares an island with Haiti. He lives with his parents and two siblings. Although both parents work, they cannot make enough money to meet their family's needs in such a poor country. Their house is made from various materials and has a tin roof. They have sparse furnishings.

With sponsorship, Yunior will be able to go to school. He will receive clothing, basic medical care, and spiritual training from local Christians. The family will also be supplied with food supplements.

For several years, Janet and I sponsored a girl in El Salvador through the Christian Relief Fund. However, shortly after we adopted our son Christopher, the girl left the program. At that time, we decided against another sponsorship. However, we believe sponsoring Yunior will help him and his family, as well as allow Christopher an opportunity to learn about conditions in much of the world and how to be compassionate toward people in different circumstances.

After seeing Yunior's photograph, Christopher asked, "Why are we sending money for him?" I explained that Yunior's family could not provide everything he needed. Christopher responded, "He probably needs food." Yes, he does. It's good to see him recognizing a need and wanting to meet it at five years old.

If anyone else would like to start sponsoring a child through the Christian Relief Fund, you may contact the group at

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