Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Nearly Fit In With The Church of Christ

Since I'm at home today with a cold, I decided to play on the computer for a while. I found a site that helps you determine which church matches your views of the Bible and theology ( These are my results:

100% 1. Anabaptist (Mennonite, Quaker, etc.)
92% 2. Church of Christ/ Campbellite
79% 3. Baptist (non-Calvinistic/Plymouth Brethren/ Fundamentalist)
78% 4. Pentecostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God
78% 5. Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene
66% 6. Congregational/United Church of Christ
57% 7. Baptist (Reformed/Particular/Calvinistic)
56% 8. Seventh-Day Adventist
44% 9. Eastern Orthodox
38% 10. Lutheran
37% 11. Presbyterian/Reformed
35% 12. Anglican/Episcopal/Church of England
28% 13. Roman Catholic


David Kirk said...

Hi! Glad you nearly fit in! Just passing through....

Terry said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Matthew said...

That is funny that churches of Christ came in second with you.

Terry said...

I thought so too, Matthew. If the Churches of Christ had come in much lower, I might be looking for an Ammish church that allows Internet connections today. (No offense intended to all my Ammish readers.)

Allen said...

I scored 100% with the Church of Christ, but only 57% with the Anabaptists. Odd...

Terry said...

Yeah, it is odd. But I don't take it too seriously anyway. After all, Quakers are not really connected to the Anabaptists as the survey indicates (if I remember church history correctly). It has a few flaws, but it was still fun.