Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Candidate Surveys

With 2 weeks until election day, I would like to recommend two online voter guides:

1. Focus on the Family Action has produced surveys of federal and state candidates for each state at http://focusvoter.com.

2. Oklahomans for Life has produced a survey concerning pro-life issues for federal and state candidates in Oklahoma at www.okforlife.org/resources/OCT2008NL.pdf.

I hope these voter guides help in making decisions concerning the upcoming elections.


Mike said...

Thanks sooo much. We really must vote our faith.

Terry said...

You're welcome, Mike. You may be able to access your state pro-life organization's voter guide by searching www.nrlc.org for a link to your state, too. (It's the web site for the National Right to Life Committee.) I have found both groups to be helpful in giving me information about the candidates.