Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Race and Churches of Christ

Bobby Ross has written a good series about race and Churches of Christ in the latest edition of the Christian Chronicle. At, Bobby interviewed 4 leaders from racially integrated Churches of Christ. I found B.D. Holt Sr.'s answer to the third question the most fascinating, as he explained the historical development of different worship styles among black and white congregations. At the bottom of Bobby's article, you will find links to the other articles in the series.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Terry ... now that you know my secret for finding these posts so quickly. :)

Mike said...

Great link. Thanks.

This is a subject that should be simple and easy to solve. I continue to be amazed why it is so difficult.

Terry said...

Yeah, I should have known your secret, but I'm not very good about the technical stuff.

I'm guessing that a long history of racial division takes time to overcome.

Thanks for the comments, guys!