Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have made a few changes to my blog this week. I deleted the previous two posts, because I did not enjoy reading them. If I found them irritating, why should I expose others to them? So they no longer exist.

More noticeably, I have deleted several links on my blog. For a few days, I have been locked out from posting on my blog, because has a program to lock blogs it believes may be spam blogs. Apparently, a large number of links can cause the program to mistakenly believe that a blog is a spam blog. Therefore, I have deleted my Favorite Web Sites section, Christian Charities section, and several blogs from my Blog Roll section. I apologize to bloggers that I had to delete. I tried to eliminate mostly dormant blogs, but a few active blogs were deleted also even though I liked them. I hope you understand.

Thanks for reading.


Mike said...

I survived on the blog roll. Nothing like getting through a purge ;)

We all have to make those changes from time to time.

Terry said...

There was no way that I was going to delete your blog. Few people make me think like you do. As you can see, you write one of my favorites!