Friday, July 11, 2008

Hot Links

Here are a few posts and articles worth reading:

Trey Morgan provides great advice for husbands at

Mike relates a heart-breaking story of a family neglected in their time of need by their local church at

Phil Sanders offers some insightful analysis of data from the Pew Forum's latest religious survey of Americans at

Allen Hickerson mentions the small rural church that he serves. Its Vacation Bible School was a success. I appreciate the effort of a small congregation in a small town exerting the energy to help the children in their area to know Christ. His post is at

Rubel Shelly reminds us that God gets mad and that it's okay for us to get mad too at

Sarah Logsdon writes about the women of the Contact Church who are mentoring the girls and young women in our congregation. Please don't miss this one at

Thanks for reading!


Mike said...

These are some good links. I will look forward to reading them.

Terry said...

I hope you enjoyed them. There are several more posts that I could have included (including more of yours), but I had to stop at some point.