Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Stuff

Here are a few good items on the Internet this week:

Terry Rush discusses how compassion adds meaning to life at

Mike writes about sex as a birthday gift at Be sure to check out the link in his post, also.

Arron Chambers challenges readers to a fun contest at

The Christian Chronicle contains a good book review about why Christians sometimes leave the faith of their youth, but Linda Jackson's comment on the right side of the page is even more powerful than the article at

The Christian Chronicle offers advice about being faithful and evangelistic among people who reject Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life at Be sure to check the link in the article to the story about baseball legend Bobby Murcer's life of faith, too.

I hope you enjoy the articles. Thanks for reading!


Mike said...

GReat stuff, the "Love, tolerance" piece is on my mind also. I have been thinking of posting on this subject. Thanks for feeding my thoughts.

Terry said...

I'm looking forward to reading your post about it.

Jennifer (O) said...

Thank you for your kind words to my Mother, Terry. My husband and I are also former members of the "flock". We have moved away and are now members of another denomination. I never knew until we were "outside looking in" how sad it is to worship under such scrutiny. I love being able to do the Lord's work with out feeling like I am going to anger my God because I am doing it wrong. Best of luck to you and Janet with your work in the Contact Church.

Terry said...

Your welcome, Jennifer. I'm impressed with the effort you took to find my blog and say "thank you." It was nice to hear from you.