Wednesday, July 09, 2008

First Contacts

Last Sunday evening, I asked our small group Bible study members at the Normandy Apartments what topic or biblical book they would like to study next. Earlene suggested that it would be fun to pretend that God had inspired a letter to the Contact Church. What would it say? So I asked for each member to think creatively this week and write a letter to the Contact Church expressing what he or she believes God would want the church to hear. Of course, we realize that this is merely a creative exercise, but it could give us an idea of how each person in our group is thinking at this time. It also could open our eyes to some blind spots, as each person shares different perspectives. This is my letter:

The First Epistle to the Contact Church of Christ

Brothers and sisters,

God has been good to you. Some of you were in rebellion against God. You hated God and everyone associated with him. Some of you were simply wandering through life lost. But God has changed you. He has not destroyed you. He has not even allowed you to destroy yourselves. He has saved you.

When Jesus gave his life for you, he changed the course of your life. Your trust in him is well placed.

Therefore, continue to do good in God's name. Continue to fight the temptation to sin. Stay sober. Don't allow alcohol or drugs to enslave you again. Be intoxicated with the Spirit of Christ.

Avoid anger, envy, and anxiety. Live in joy, gratitude, and peace.

Be sexually pure. No adultery. No homosexuality. No sex outside of marriage. Enjoy your husband or wife, but do not share.

Continue to help others. Keep looking for people who need help. Keep sharing the message of Christ with everyone. Keep growing. Keep praying. Keep reading or listening to the Bible. If you do these things, you will continue to become everything you and God want.

Finally, have hope. You may face disease, racism, job loss, and other serious problems, but don't let go of hope! Jesus Christ will return, and everything will be made right for you.


Mike said...

What a fun idea. I really enoyed this letter. Your small group nailed it, loving GOD, avoiding sin, caring for others and hope.

Ok I have to ask, where did the "no sharing" come from?

Terry said...

I cannot remember exactly. In the letter of an early Christian apologist, the author told the recipient that Christians shared everything except the marriage bed. Although I cannot remember at this moment who wrote it, the idea stuck with me. (I have heard that the secret of originality is forgetting your sources.)

Terry said...

After a little research, I believe I was thinking of this quote from the Epistle to Diognetus (c. 150 AD): "They furnish a common table, but not a common bed."