Friday, July 18, 2008

Interesting Items on the Internet

Here are a few interesting items on the Internet this week:

Jackie Chesnutt wrote about "Behind the Scenes Greatness" on his blog at He mentioned several of the great things happening at the Southside Church of Christ in Rogers, Arkansas, where he serves as a preacher and elder. Jackie noted that the good being done could not happen without the people behind the scenes who are serving and honoring God in quiet ways. (I think that some of those "behind the scenes" people might be some of my family members. My mom, her husband, my sister, brother-in-law, nephews, and niece attend the Southside Church in Rogers.)

Whatever happened to A.C. Green, the professional basketball player for the L.A. Lakers who made a commitment to remain a virgin until marriage? Did he succeed or fail? An update on A.C. Green may be found at

Finally, the NAACP held its annual convention this week. It received some media coverage, but something important received little attention. African American pro-lifers held a demonstration in which they attempted to persuade the NAACP to change from a neutral position on abortion to a pro-life position. I would love to see the organization known for protecting minorities broaden its fight for justice to include seeking legal protection for pre-born children. It has not happened yet, but the time could come. More of the story can be found at


Mike said...

Good links. Thanks

Terry said...

You're welcome, Mike.