Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't Give Up

Our preacher Ron Babbit has a godly perspective on grace and forgiveness that drives his ministry. He also has a unique way of expressing biblical truth. This is an excerpt from his latest letter to supporters of the Contact Church of Christ:

"Have you ever given up on anyone? Has anyone ever given up on you? Someone said, 'Robert just needs to quit showing up.' As if we have it all together. Amen? However, TJ didn't get the memo to give up. TJ continued to read, encourage, teach, pray, call, pray and call, teach and encourage for 40 days and 40 nights. Robert had served time in prison. He was a #1 anger filled, fist slinging, jaw jacking, Satan serving murderer, looking for another clown's jaw to place his fist into. That was his heart, his way of life. Mitch asked GT if he would go visit Robert. GT told Robert about JESUS--The Peacemaker, Covenant Maker, Forgiver, Soul Cleanser, Guilt Remover, Reconciler. The One who brings families together at the CROSS and heals hearts. A few weeks ago we witnessed Robert's baptism into CHRIST. A time of many emotions. I'm sure some guilt, maybe some release, some re-focus, some gratitude, some remorse, some 'I get to hold my head up.' Now Robert doesn't have to fight with his fists. He gets to fight against the real enemy, Satan. Praise GOD for this church called Contact, that GOD had raised up to accept people and reach into hearts. Forgive us that we have too often found ourselves being the 'older brother' standing on the outside saying, 'I've been faithful all along, I have never had any ugly thoughts, I have never wasted any $. I have never cheated. I have never lied. I have always had it together.' Then along comes a brother or sister who remembers what it's like to have been bought by the blood of the LAMB, to have forgiveness, to be loved by the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. PRAISE GOD another soul has been united with JESUS! The Devil just won't win. Amen Church! Keep loving, praying and giving because HE continues to give!"

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